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Proper Swallow Pattern

Proper Swallow Pattern includes:

  • Keeping your tongue in your mouth while awaiting the food or drink to make contact with your lips

  • Trapping your food/drink on the middle portion of tongue

  • Creating a seal as the tongue connects to 3 points of the hard/soft palate

  • Lips sealed

  • Back teeth lightly touch together as you swallow

  • Relaxed, tension free facial, head and neck muscles

As you have learned, nasal breathing, and correct tongue posture are precursors to developing a proper swallow pattern. Are you asking yourself why you would need to relearn how to swallow?


Establishing a proper swallow pattern may help with or prevent

  • Tongue thrust/dysfunctional swallow

  • Stomachaches as seen in children

  • Limited food choices

  • Gastrointestinal (stool issues)

  • Constipation

  • Acid reflux

  • Flatulence

  • Burping

  • Open bites

  • Widening of the palate naturally

  • Ear infections as seen in children

  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)


Tongue Thrust

Tongue thrust also known as immature, or reverse swallow is a dysfunctional behavioral pattern. This is a muscular imbalance where the tongue pokes or pushes through the upper front teeth during swallowing, speech or improper oral rest posture. Commonly seen in dental patients as open bites.


We can help...

Myofunctional therapy will help establish strength, coordination, and mobility in orofacial muscles to optimize breathing, speaking, chewing, swallowing functions and facial expressions.


At Breathing Essentials Myofunctional Therapy, we want you to be able to enjoy a variety of foods as a family. Food and drinks are the center of many family and social gatherings. Proper breathing, chewing and the function of a proper swallow are necessary so you can enjoy your food to your stomach’s content. Just imagine the smells and tastes that you will discover!

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