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Proper Oral Rest Posture

Watch your tongue...

Proper oral rest posture includes:

  • Lips together (sealed)

  • Teeth slightly apart

  • Tongue position up on the roof of the palate

  • Relaxed, tension free facial and neck muscles

The tongue’s proper position is lightly suctioned to the upper palate at all times of the day and night. By building this habit early-on in life, the tongue acts like a natural expander of the palate. Palatal bones are adaptable, and maintaining this slight pressure over time can encourage the best chance for natural widening of the palate to accommodate the tongue in its proper place. This improves the airway and forward facial growth.

Provided the tongue is in the correct resting position and lips are sealed; together will improve nasal breathing, reduce mouth breathing, and snoring. As well as improve tongue-base obstruction, and positional sleep apnea or airway resistance.


Unfortunately, the tongue is an important muscle that tends to get overlooked. Improper tongue placement and movement can play a key role in the dysfunction of our body, with this in mind; where is your tongue at rest?


Having Proper Oral Rest Posture may help with:

  • Behavioral disorders

  • Sleep

  • Neck/facial tension

  • Definition of facial tone

  • Depression/anxiety

  • Forward facial growth

  • Nasal breathing

  • Healthy gut biome


Having Proper Oral Rest Posture may prevent:

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

  • Crooked teeth

  • Facial asymmetry

  • Long face syndrome

  • Braces, multiple times

  • Speech impediments

  • Food aversions

  • Nocturia


How we can help

During myofunctional therapy, we teach clients the benefits and process of how to get the jaw and tongue to work independently of one another. By being aware, there can be significant improvement in your oral function, successfully preparing you to master the swallowing technique discussed in the next section.


At Breathing Essentials Myofunctional Therapy we can help establish correct tongue resting posture at the same time creating a more fluid swallowing technique. This promotes an improved airway and a healthier life.

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