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What is a Frenuloplasty? - The Breathe Institute Explains
The Breathe Institute

What is a Frenuloplasty? - The Breathe Institute Explains

What is a Frenuloplasty? Most people have tongue and lip frenums. Just as some are born with shorter or longer fingers than others, some are also born with peculiarities in these oral tissues that can affect the development and function of the mouth. These tethered oral tissues are also called “frenum restrictions”, but are most commonly known as tongue-ties and lip-ties. Left untreated, these conditions can contribute to the development of a high, narrow roof of the mouth. If this upper palate becomes high and narrow, the nasal area is likely to follow suit, which may result in airway restrictions and mouth-breathing. Such restrictions can significantly limit orofacial movements, causing issues with feeding, as well as overall face, mouth and airway development. These factors can impede the tongue in moving properly during bottle or breastfeeding, and prevent many crucial mouth functions that are needed for eating, drinking, and speaking as the child grows and develops. If left untreated, Chronic open mouth-breathing can contribute to significant health issues. To name a few; allergies, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, heart conditions, respiratory illnesses, dental problems, low resting tongue position, tongue thrusting, and sleep disordered breathing. On the other hand: Nasal-breathing helps to clean the air entering our bodies, filtering out pathogens and particles that can cause irritation and illness. It also raises the temperature of the air and encourages deeper breathing which facilitates better blood oxygenation, an optimized metabolism, and improved overall health. Once a frenum restriction is identified, there are a number of procedures and therapies that can be considered. A Frenuloplasty is one of the more common and effective methosds. We have developed the Breathe Institute Protocol for Functional Frenuloplasty that continues to deliver wonderful results to our patients worldwide. Usually, a Frenuloplasty is a relatively simple outpatient procedure with minimal pain depending on the patient and the skill of the surgeon. During a Breathe Protocol Functional Frenuloplasty procedure, the Surgeon will administer a local anesthetic, then observe as the patient goes through a few special oral exercises, guided by a Myofunctional Therapist. This gives them a good fresh look at the tissues and fibers that are causing the restriction. Next, once the anesthetic sets in and the area of interest is fully numbed, the Surgeon uses special precise clamps to pinch the area that is to be cut with his scissors, preparing the tissue. He then makes a small incision in “crimped” tissue which exposes the deeper layers of fibers that are to be liberated. The Surgeon and Myofunctional Therapist will work together to identify which fibers need to be addressed, occasionally asking the patient to perform certain movements of the tongue and lips to track the progress of the procedure. Once full mobility is achieved, the incisions are closed and sutured. All together a Frenuloplasty should not last more than an hour from the time you walk into the office. A little pain, and minimal bleeding is normal following the procedure, but we provide an after-care kit, along with tips to help you heal smoothly. Of course you will also receive a phone number with a 24/7 emergency contact should the need arise. For more information, visit our website,
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